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Key customers

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Xiangtan city electric co., LTD. Was established in times1996Years,In chairman MAO's hometown——Xiangtan city,Beijing-zhuhai、In high speed、Shanghai-kunming high-speed rail,Xiangqian trunk railway in this intersection,The traffic is very convenient is one of the key enterprise in the national production of converter equipment,Within xiangtan high-tech park is located in the state……In more detail>>

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Congratulations to the era of xiangtan electric co., LTD. The new online website!
A structure and related property of silicon controlled rectifier is introduced
The difference between the high frequency switching power supply and silicon-controlled rectifier
Rectifier efficiency is as high as the new computer power99%
The industry to maintain rectifier20%The stability of growth

Recommended products

KQA(F)The engine、Auto start the series with a rectifier device

KDYFSeries microcomputer controlled electrophoretic paint rectifier device

GSA、KGSFSeries dc motor speed transmission with rectifier device

KGLF11、KGLF12Series excitation rectifier device

The era of electrical 4 Big business philosophy

Business philosophy

Development and innovation   PIONEERING AND INNOVATIVE

Focus on the key enterprises of production converter equipment,Through continuous technological innovation,Management innovation,Continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness。

Do fine designed   DO THE FINE

My company with many years of production experience and continuously enterprising spirit、Rely on scientific management、The careful design、Strict process and perfect testing means,Can according to user requirements design、Production and manufacturing28A series of products。

Business philosophy

Strictly controlled   STRICT CONTROL AND CONTROL

With high quality design、Reliable quality、A full range of services for new and old customers to create effective economic benefits。

Comprehensive promotion   OVERALL IMPROVEMENT

Through continuous learning、Improvement,Achieve personal as well as technology,Products,Service,Management of all aspects of ascension。