Yantai three food co., LTD., established in sichuan2010Years,Registered capital of the company2012Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area131m,The existing total assets29600Ten thousand yuan。The company mainly produces frozen and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables,With four frozen food production lines and six freeze-dried food production line,Annual production capacity, respectively20,000Tons of and800Tons,Storage for refrigerator20000Tons。

The company has30,000Mu of fruit and vegetable base,Managed by professional and technical personnel to guide and pollution-free,Do unified technology、Unified command、Unified coordination,Set up standardized production-demand-sales chain service system。

Solidarity with culture
Control the human nature with the system
With brand achievement life
With diversified specialty based on the front end of the food industry

The companyFDProject construction in accordance with the high starting point、The principle of high standard,The introduction of international famous Germany、The United Kingdom、The United States and domestic famous manufacturers of equipment such as xi 'an,The company equipment, has the lead in the industry。

The company has four frozen food production lines,Storage refrigerator20000Tons,Annual production capacity800TonsFDThe food and100,000Tons of frozen food。